Our People


Sohail Zindani

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer

A recognized authority on Leadership, Talent and Performance, Sohail Zindani is a sought-after keynote speaker and business consultant. He has mentored, coached and trained leaders from diverse industries. Sohail spends a significant time studying individuals, teams and organizations to understand what makes world-class performers, summarizing it, and sharing it with the world.


Shama Zindani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Shama co-founded the company and manages it with love, care and compassion. A dab hand in all aspects of the business, she’s primarily the ideas woman who manages the creative chaos and keeps everyone on the team motivated (usually with inspiring speeches, cute blackmail or brownies). With a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in business administration, Shama oversees everything that goes on here at Learning Minds.


Dr. Arif Pyarali

Director, Training Solutions

Dr. Arif Pyarali is associated with Learning Minds as a senior trainer and consultant. He also heads our portfolio of training solutions and keeps a strict check on the quality of our training interventions. Arif believes in helping clients achieve business results through his trainings. He’s also heavily involved in R&D and new product development at Learning Minds.


Murad Bhaleshah

Director Events & Special Projects

Murad draws inspiration from everything that surrounds him and is a ninja when it comes to events and branding. He is a champion of fresh design ideas and brings a contagious joy to everything he does, both inside and outside the office. Murad is a software engineer by qualification, but we’re pretty pleased he made the right choice to join the creative community.


Dr. Anam Zehra

General Manager, Client Services

Dr. Anam Zehra is a passionate and self-motivated individual with a dynamic personality. Her passion of building relationships and working on diverse projects brought her to Learning Minds, where she’s successfully made long-term associations with clients by ensuring client satisfaction. A dentist by qualification and a client facilitation professional by profession, Anam leads the client facilitation team at Learning Minds.


Syeda Suniya Zafar

Manager, Events Strategy & Sales

Suniya Zafar looks after our executive education program and special events. The two traits that define her personality are passion and diligence. These qualities have driven her in the quest to take charge of our events and amplify it to global standards. She is a mom-blogger [mum.tastic] and a laughter-powerhouse.


Saher Dharani

Client Facilitation Manager

Saher Dharani is associated with Learning Minds as a Client Facilitation Manager. Having spent over 3 years in the field of customer service in the banking sector, Saher has a knack for business development. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from Szabist with a concentration in Human Resource Management. In her free time, Saher loves to read, enjoys good food, good music and good conversations, served with a full-sized cup of tea.


Anum Bukhari

Client Facilitation Manager

An HR enthusiast with extensive experience in the field of HR, particularly, talent and succession management, Anum focuses her energy and time on customized training interventions. She has a passion for R&D and enjoys spending time reading books. Anum holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in HR.


Aftab Zindani

Manager, Admin and Finance

Aftab Zindani is associated with Learning Minds as Manager Admin and Finance With a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Economics and Finance and a master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from PAF-KIET, Aftab Zindani brings a wealth of senior finance leadership and experience to Learning Minds.


Faiza Virani

Associate Communication & Research

Faiza is our social media whiz kid. She studied at the Institute of Business Management where she recently graduated. She’s intelligent, humble, and fits right in! Faiza puts a lot of time and enthusiasm into keeping our social media pages updated, as well as making sure our video projects run smoothly. Faiza is eager to produce meaningful messages through good and well thought out illustrations and videos. She never ceases to amaze us with her innovative ideas during brainstorming sessions.


Clive Andrews

Associate, Support Services

Clive Andrews is associated with Learning Minds as Associate, Support Services. From supporting our finance and admin function to handling our company operations, Clive is a blessing in disguise for Learning Minds. And what most people don’t know about Clive is that he is our backup graphic designer. Above all, he is a problem solver and a genuine rescuer.

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