Winning Decisions™

Today when the challenge is to make the right decisions regarding investments at the right time, to achieve the desired results, “Winning Decisions” gives you an invaluable solution. It is a highly interactive and engaging business simulation. It is a unique methodology to teach the fundamentals of strategic planning in marketing, production, product development and finance. As teams compete with each other to make their companies successful, they witness the impacts of their strategy and decisions in real time.

The program enables the participants to enhance their understanding of financial tools necessary for all managers so that they can maintain profitability of the company. This simulation teaches teams to work together in the same strategic direction leading to long-lasting business growth and profitability.


  • Strategic Planning 
  • Cross Functional Team Building 
  • Critical Decision Making 
  • Understanding the value Chain Production Planning 
  • Finance Management
  • Sales Strategy 
  • ABC – Activity Based Costing 
  • EVA – Economic Value Added 
  • Annual Financial Books 
  • Cash Flow Analysis 
  • Entrepreneurial Skills 
  • Cash Flow Analysis 
  • Developing Long-Term Strategic Thinking