Welcoming 2018 – With a professional Twist.

It’s that time of the year again. Celebrating occasions, preparing for vacations, spending quality time with your families & lastly creating a list of resolutions for the New Year. Many will make resolutions to eat better, to lose weight, to exercise and to give up something which is harming their health like smoking. Personally, we work extensively towards it but somewhere after investing few months into it the enthusiasm fizzles away.

These resolutions are important, but it’s time to refresh these goals and reimagine goals towards your professional life - converting our 2018 into a massively productive year yet.

These are 6 resolutions we can work upon to proactively make this year one of our breakthrough year as a Professional.

  • Make a list of 20 people who you want to know better every Month.
  • It is a normal routine for consultants like me to work with people from different industries & transform their organizational culture by working and understanding them and their requirements closely.
    By meeting new people and understanding their lives, you get a different & enhanced perspective towards life which helps you grow exponentially. Let’s save time of calculating and convert it into a pattern. By knowing 20 people each month i.e. 5 people each week which will result into 240 people in a calendar year. These could be people you have met, but never had an opportunity to really talk to in depth. Or they could be bloggers, teachers, mentors, subordinates, employees or school friends that you have lost touch with. The goal is to engage with people with whom you might not cross paths unless you make a concerted effort. Set up a reminder at the beginning of each month to reach out to one of these people to meet for coffee, lunch or better yet, a walk.

  • Transform Your LinkedIn profile.
  • You need to update your photo, a photo which is not taken at a party or an event where you were not looking at the Camera and tagged it as ‘candid’. Use a photo which can be passed as being professional and transform your profile as if it were your your digital C.V.
    Add more skills, enroll yourself into innovative programs and courses and place it in your profile. Share a few additional details about your last few jobs. Request recommendations from people who know you well and have worked with. It is helpful for others to view additional perspectives about you.

  • Enroll yourself into a Virtual course.
  • We all invest our time in watching Ted Talks & that’s wonderful, but we need a proof of purchase. Invest your time in learning new skills and get a certification for it to upload on LinkedIn and improve your visibility among recruiters and employers.
    Help your self grow and show the World you did it simultaneously!

  • Plan a weekend with people who work on the similar tier but in other industries.
  • Professional diversity often helps with adjusting the sails. Communicating and interacting with such individuals can broaden your horizon immensely. So, if you are a doctor; invest a weekend with doctors in understanding the latest opportunities & challenges in health care. Investors can talk about funds and share market. This resolution will help you hugely in developing rapport beyond your organization and can be a breath of fresh imagination.

    “Remember you are the average of 5 people you hang out with”– Aristotle
  • Improve your twitter engagement
  • Use twitter as a source of news, ideas, and inspiration. Your twitter feed should be a constant stream of new knowledge and insight from across the industry, and inspiration from thought leaders that are in the market. Start following renowned influencers, retweet interesting events and quotes and favorite people from different industries. You need to set time aside to make it happen for yourself. This will yield benefits in the future far greater than the initial time invested.

  • Mentor 5 individuals in 2018.
  • This is one of the most difficult resolutions of them all. We can easily make friends or impress somebody but mentoring individuals who need help from seniors to understand about life, career or may be ways of self-reflection is a challenging task. Meeting up regularly with them, keeping a log of their growth and guiding them selflessly in the right direction should be the target!
    It’s a promise this is one resolution you will love to reflect upon at the end of 2018.

In the end. This New year make sure you grow yourself professionally & guide others as well in this Voyage.

Happy 2018.

About Author

Dr. Arif is on a life long journey of soul searching. This precisely landed him at Learning Minds Group as a Consultant and a Trainer. Being a certified trainer for Business Edge Program by World Bank IFC, he is certified to conduct and customize sessions for Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as front line employees of large organizations. Dr. Arif has an in-born gift of engaging with his audience. Due to his ability to connect with every participant on an individual level, his audience calls him, a “Game Changer.”