Training Products

We offer tailored training products to meet your learning and training needs. Our consulting approach to learning is aimed at examining your goals and desired outcomes for training and help you select a training product that best suits your needs.

Our comprehensive range of training products include:

Delve into the communication tools and techniques used by the most successful managers. Exploring different communication types, this program will help you become more persuasive in written and oral communications in a range of settings.

A competency-based learning solution, our exceptional performer series is designed to equip you with the right skills and vision that will enhance individual effectiveness and help fulfil your personal and career aspiration. Learn More

A comprehensive competency-based management development program, GMA has been designed to help you transform your frontline managers into exceptional catalyst leaders.

Our Leadership and Management courses offer resources for both future and seasoned leaders to become more adept at developing employees, managing change, inspiring and guiding teams, and effectively influencing stakeholders across an organization.

Learn how to optimize your sales and customer service resources and deliver sustainable and profitable growth to your company with our sales and service solutions. We understand how lasting relationships lead to loyalty that creates a profitable pipeline – and that ultimately propels you over your goals.

Discover how to deliver high-quality workplace training that leads to better learner outcomes. The program has been designed to introduce new and seasoned trainers to new approaches for delivering powerful training.

To discuss your learning and development requirements

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