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Since 2007, Learning Minds is in the business of promoting learning and supporting successful development of organizations by delivering corporate training programs and solutions to its clients. We truly understand how important these training programs are to your overall success and that is why Learning Minds trainers, consultants & facilitators deliver best in class training and consulting solution!

  • Dr. Arif Pyarali

    Consultant and Trainer

    Dr. Arif is associated with Learning Minds as consultant and trainer. He is a Certified Business Edge Program Trainer by World Bank IFC that equips him with...

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  • Sohail Zindani

    Disruptor, Strengths Ambassador, Leadership Coach, Master Trainer & Author, Founder and CEO, The Sohail Zindani Company

    For more than a decade now, Sohail is leading a movement to transform the way we develop people. His strength-based approach is thoroughly embedded in all...

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  • Meena Valli Mohammed

    Business Communication Coach

    The founder of Consulting WP, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed it to the successful behemoth it is today. He is known...

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  • Fahad Ahmed

    Project Management Expert

    Fahad is a Computer Science graduate, a certified PMP® and ITIL (IT Services Management) credential holder. He also volunteers with PMI KPC as Executive Vice...

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  • Naveed Ilyas Saya

    Sales Trainer and Consultant

    Naveed is a senior consultant and trainer at Learning Minds. He is a renowned Sales Guru, author, teacher and an entrepreneur. He is currently working as a...

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  • Yogi Wajahat

    Consultant and Fitness Trainer

    Yogi Wajahat is Pakistan’s leading yogi who has command over many different styles of yoga. He completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and worked...

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  • Mohammed Ali Imam Naqvi

    Senior Consultant HR & OD

    Mr. Mohammed Ali Imam Naqvi is a certified Organizational Culture Assessor and Leadership 360° Development Assessor by Denison Consulting, USA; a certified...

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  • Jahangir Sachwani

    Microsoft Certified Office Specialist, Trainer and Consultant

    Jahangir is a thorough professional with excellent expressive abilities in design, development and execution of Microsoft Office trainings. His personal interest...

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  • Sualeha Bhatti

    Lead Trainer & Consultant

    Sualeha Bhatti is one of Pakistan’s leading names in the field of training and development. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from...

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  • Mohammad Muneeb Kidwai

    Senior Consultant and Trainer

    Mohammad Muneeb Kidwai is an IBA Graduate (Marketing) with 26 years of diversified work experience in Logistics, Sales, Service Quality and Training.

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  • M. Ekhlaque Ahmed

    Senior Consultant and Trainer

    Mohammed Ekhlaque Ahmed is currently holding the position of Assistant Professor, Head of Marketing Department and Lead Capstone Course Projects at College...

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  • Adil Mansoor Ali

    Project Management Trainer

    Aadil Mansoor Ali is a certified PMP trainer from PMI Global. He was personally trained under Train the Trainer Program of Sohail Zindani

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  • Abdul Rahim Suriya

    Finance Expert and Consultant

    Mr. Abdul Rahim has more than three decades of experience in the field of Audit, Finance, Accounting and Operational Management, in this span of time he has...

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Umair uz Zubair
Assistant Manager Business Development,, PharmEvo (Pvt.) Ltd.

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