Train The Trainer

This is a workshop designed to free participants from boring and unproductive sessions also unlock the true potential of every group. Ultimately, it is a fun, fast-paced, ‘how-to’ driven workshop, which promises dozens of innovative techniques and activities that can be immediately applied to the participants’ own training situations. Furthermore, the Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp offers extensive world-class research to support the models and techniques experienced, thus providing the ‘know how’ with the ‘how to’!


  • Decrease training time while improving results. Cut preparation time by 50%
  • Use an 8-step process to transform current courses into high impact, learner-centered courses
  • Manage classrooms more effectively
  • Apply the latest adult learning theories to design and delivery
  • Accelerate learning in special situations such as computer training and technical training
  • Create powerful new ways to demonstrate the results of their training
  • Conduct productive and result oriented TNA