We believe in doing work that we love. We spend most of our time at work and optimum success can be reached when we enjoy what we do. At LMG we ensure a positive working environment with high levels of engagement which drives business success.

What is it like to work at LMG? Find out in the word of LMGians.

I have been working at Learning Minds Group for 2 years now. In the Client Facilitation Department, I engage with Client on a daily basis. My work tends to get overwhelming due to the on going Trainings 365 days a year. But? Each interaction is a joy. Each Training is a learning experience. Each Project is impactful.

Interaction with Clients is a daily delight. Helping them recognize their needs, working with them to apply the appropriate solutions, getting feedback from the company’s and the participants, and learning about the impact created – they’re all proud moments. With the work, trainers, client relations, work ethics, and company principles, I would not want to switch anywhere else.

Not only is the work so rewarding, but the appreciation internally is an added bonus. I have seen the company change, improve, and grow around me, and it makes me proud to be a part of Learning Minds Group, where we come together to improve organizations and their employees.

Working for Learning Minds Group is unlike any experience I have gone through before. A lively, energising, and friendly environment is what greets me everyday when I walk in.

Amidst the friendly conversations and caring environment, there lies the eagerness for innovation and improvement. At LMG, no idea is ever turned down, and no one is ever unheard. It is refreshing and motivating to work in such a welcoming environment where one is allowed to experiment, and bring new ideas on board.

The best thing? Each assignment helps me grow, personally, and professionally. And when I look back, I realise how I have transformed, by pushing myself into new avenues, I would not have explored elsewhere.

Working at Learning Minds Group has been exploratory for me. Over my time here, I have explored different aspects of the company, worked on different projects, and with different fellow employees. The advantage of working at Learning Minds Group for me has been having the ability to choose my projects.

Beyond the available projects, I have had the chance to bring new projects on board, and work in unconventional ways to bring about results. This has greatly helped me in learning and growing which, in turn, has helped me give back to the company.

One such initiative of mine was Fellowship. Having the opportunity to pilot the program myself was a a huge boost of confidence from the Company. Working hard on these projects, and seeing the results is very rewarding. Allowing ownership of one’s projects, is definitely a very attractive factor for me.