Open Enrolment Programs

Our broad portfolio of open programs covers almost all business disciplines. Offered on pre-determined dates throughout the year, and open to all, our programs attract participants from a variety of backgrounds, organizations, industries, and locations.

Need help determining the right program for yourself or your organization? Contact us today at [email protected].


Our qualified trainers are highly skilled experts in their field. Combining professional training know-how with relevant experience in their respective training fields, they are the secret behind hundreds of successful training programs, Learning Minds has designed.

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To help you meet your L&D needs, we also offer programs and training solutions in collaboration with local experts, who have a thorough knowledge of local markets and regulations. Whether you’re looking for a learning solution for your junior executives or tailored solutions for yourseasoned leaders, we have something for you.


We are passionate about developing the skills and capabilities you need to thrive in this ever-evolving world, which is why we collaborate with International Trainers to help you equip with the skills you need to succeed.

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