Social Responsibility

Learning Minds supports and aligns its goals according to the universal principles of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. By committing to sustainability, businesses take shared responsibility to achieve a better world.


Our people believe in the importance of sharing the success of our organization with others and investing time in the improvement and appreciation of the communities in which we live and do business. We encourage LMGians to perform meaningful services to the community utilizing their talents and dedication in order to enhance the lives of the people around them. LMGians are encouraged to spend 24 business hours per calendar year, in service to others. We have contributed in the following categories:

  • Service to Youth
  • Quality and Enrichment of Life
  • Service to Senior Citizens
  • Health and Safety


Our core values are accepted as the overriding “how-to” manual for everyday activities in the organization.

Mutual Learning and Respect

  • Monthly knowledge sharing sessions
  • Bi-annual team retreats
  • Managing by ‘Wandering Around’ culture

Responsiveness & Responsibility

  • We take responsibility of what goes wrong and share success
  • We live by our commitments which our clients value

Enjoying what we do and doing what we enjoy

  • We hire for Passion – Period
  • We play on Strengths

Doing the right thing

  • We only opt for assignments we are 100% excited about
  • We speak the truth, even if it costs us business
We know that our partners, both employees and colleagues, cherish our Values. This motivates us to live them everyday!


Learning Minds Group strives to conserve natural resources by minimizing consumption of resources and energy, reducing emissions, and increasing awareness so that future generations will inherit a healthy, sustainable planet. We do this by:

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