The Embracing Leader

You’re a person who—regardless of your position or title—aspires to gain more success in business and beyond by learning how to elevate yourself and others to unprecedented levels of achievement and fulfilment. Leadership, ultimately, is about who you are and what you do to change things for the better—regardless of your “place” in the company, workplace, or community. This powerful and transformational experience explores the key tenets of the Embracing Leadership Framework—ELF: Cultivating Awareness, Insights, Inspiration and Impact.

Program Deliverable

  • Gain deep knowledge of the Embracing Leadership Framework and learn how to apply it to create more success in your business and personal life
  • Clarify what’s important to you and your organization, and leverage it to energize and inspire yourself and others
  • Increase your understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing you, your career, your business, and your organization, and learn how to lead yourself and others through them
  • Develop an Embracing Leader Action Plan to change your piece of the world for the better—in little and big ways
  • Expand your ability to influence others
  • Boost your self-confidence as a leader and change agent
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