Interviewing Skills

The most important business decision one makes is the selection and promotion of their people. Getting the right person with the right fit to the company’s culture is essential to ensure long-term corporate sustainability. One of the keys to successful interviewing is asking the right questions.

This custom-made program transforms your interviewing culture by educating managers with the right tools and techniques to select the most appropriate resource. The workshop takes in account best of the knowledge on the subject, and relevant best practices, to help participants apply learning at work. Using the program techniques will give your company a strategic focus by allowing managers to integrate job-specific, future-oriented values, strengths & competencies into their interviews.

Program Deliverable

  • Understand that the hiring and promotion decision is a fundamental business decision
  • Improve employee retention and engagement by having the right people that fit the business plan and the culture of the company
  • Being able to ask the meaningful questions that improve your chances of hiring right the first time by five times over traditional interviewing techniques
  • Leverage best practices for selection
  • Link business needs and culture with people selection
  • Identify the key competencies for success in a particular role
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“The knowledge we had was imparted with highly interactive sessions and presentations. Overall, it was a very good learning experience”

Umair uz Zubair
Assistant Manager Business Development,, PharmEvo (Pvt.) Ltd.

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