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What is Learning Minds?

One of the fastest-growing management consulting firms in Pakistan, with a versatile team of specialists from every discipline ready to help you improve your business performance.

Who is Learning Minds?

We’re a team of over 15 creative professionals who take great pride in getting the job done right for each client…and have fun doing it.

Sure, the heart of our business is helping clients with their L&D challenges by offering cutting-edge solutions. But our diverse clientele keeps coming back to us because of how easy and fun we make it to work with us.

Explore our team bios to learn more about who we are and how we make sure we offer 100% satisfaction to all clients.


Sohail Zindani

Chief Executive Officer

Happiness Enthusiast, Management Coach, OD Consultant and writer, Sohail Zindani celebrates ingenuity – ‘be your best self’ and shows us how it can lead to ultimate success. He is respected for his thought leadership that has influenced the day-to-day management and leadership of people and companies across the globe.

A recognized authority on strengths-based leadership and organizational development, Sohail Zindani has mentored, coached and trained leaders around the world. Fascinated by the leaders who make impact in the world, Sohail has discovered some remarkable patterns in how they think, act and communicate. His trainings have driven people around the globe – from senior managers to the average Joe – to discover and develop their unique strengths and live their strongest lives.

Through his talks, keynotes, coaching, and books, Sohail shares his insightful and powerful message with audiences around the world.

Shama Zindani

Chief Operating Officer

Shama co-founded the company in 2008 and manages it with love, care and compassion. A dab hand in all aspects of our business, she’s primarily the ideas woman who manages the creative chaos and keeps everyone on the team motivated (usually with inspiring speeches, cute blackmail or brownies).

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in business administration, Shama is our queen of coordination and management. She oversees everything that goes on here at Learning Minds.


Murad Bhaleshah

Manager, Branding & Design

Murad is a champion of fresh design ideas and brings a contagious joy to everything he does, both inside and outside the office. He’s a software engineer by qualification but we’re pretty pleased he made the right choice to join the creative community.

Murad draws inspiration from everything that surrounds him and is a ninja when it comes to design. He is putting his varied talents to excellent use – continuously staying ahead of the latest trends in branding and design and expanding the reel learning services of Learning Minds.

Syeda Zauwia Riaz

Manager, Communication & PR

From managing our marketing and communication needs to handling partnerships and PR, Zauwia shows off what we do best.  An excellent all-rounder, Zauwia brings a feminine touch to the marketing and PR team in the form of strict organizational skills!

Oh, and she holds an MBA degree in Marketing from the Institute of Business Management, what we can say, she’s a brainbox! She puts energy and expertise into everything she does making her a force to be reckoned with.

Faiza Virani

Associate, Communication & Research

Faiza is our social media whiz kid. She studied at the Institute of Business Management where she recently graduated. She’s intelligent, humble, and fits right in! Faiza puts a lot of time and enthusiasm into keeping our social media pages updated, as well as making sure our video projects run smoothly.

Faiza is eager to produce meaningful messages through good and well thought out illustrations and videos. She never ceases to amaze us with her innovative ideas during brainstorming sessions.


Darakhshan Rabdino

Client Facilitation Manager, Reel Learning

A business developer by profession and a part-time art lover, Darakhshan Rabdino (or call her small wonder) looks after our video solutions, i.e. reel learning. She’s an MBA in marketing and her corporate experience defines her dedication towards work. Apart from the corporate ties, she’s an RJ, a translator, a voice-over artist, a social media enthusiast and a social worker. She loves to listen and record human stories – so what she learns from them keeps her going.  As far as her vision for life is concerned she want a swift life ride by believing in goodness and learning.

Muneeba Samad

Client Facilitation Manager, Experiential Learning & Keynote

Muneeba, an introvert who can socialize like an extrovert. Her passion to meet people from different industries and the contribution she makes in developing their learning culture and exploring different initiatives, is what keeps her happy at Learning Minds. To her, being a part of Learning Minds is a treat in itself; with all the fun-loving people around and the culture that never stops evolving.

After years of experience of exploring the world on her own, understanding different cultures and experiencing different adventures, she streamlined her experiential learning with organizational development. She believes experiential learning is the future of learning as it makes you more liberal, brave and creative and is always impactful.

Apart from work she loves to read and travel to the roads least travelled.

Anam Zehra

Client Facilitation Manager, Customized Trainings

Dr. Anam Zehra is a passionate and self-motivated individual with a dynamic personality. Her passion of building relationships and working on new projects brought her to Learning Minds where she is successfully making long term working associations with the clients and adding value to the business by bringing fresh ideas to every learning intervention.

With the right amalgamation of her medical education and MBA she is now currently working on the Well Being Initiative (WBI) – a project to accomplish the holistic view of what contributes to wellbeing over a lifetime.

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