Competency Framework

This framework targets KSAB – Knowledge, Skills, Attitude & Behavior, to establish a learning culture. The framework contributes to fully realize an individual’s personal and professional capabilities for a promising career journey.

This framework, comprising four domains and mapped to the seven management levels, facilitates efficient planning and review of employees’ development path within an organization.

Personal Mastery

It all starts here. Taking responsibility of one’s self-development requires self-evaluation and self-discovery to better manage and optimize one’s personal and professional development.

People Management

Being able to synergize people in teams leads to team effectiveness, better engagement and retention of talents. The central idea: Great teams are product of great managers.

Functional Mastery

Being business savvy in organizations requires functional expertise, understanding business dynamics, resource optimization and continued learning for long-term business viability.

Organizational Alignment

From strategic planning to flawless execution. Strategy underpins an organization’s success. Leaders who can engage their teams in strategy formation, development and execution will have that winning edge.

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