Linkages & Partnerships

Our Partnerships and Linkages harness the power of collaboration, both nationally and internationally, to share information, best practices, and work together on key strategic issues.

Our ‘Learning for everyone’ motto enables us to bring together players from across the country for the goal of better organizational development through continuous learning and development. We also provide a platform for Pakistan to bring home best practices from outside its borders — and to promote our own best practices externally — through participation in international HR and business forums. 


These partnerships and strategic linkages help to:

Increase our capacity to produce and use evidence-based information
Improve the quality of learning and development programs we offer
Facilitate clients and help them power up their learning and development function

Partnerships take many forms, including:

Co-sponsorships of individual projects
Collaborative work
Ongoing information sharing

If you would like to learn more about Learning Minds partnerships and linkages, please get in touch with us.

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