Winning Decisions

  • October 3 – 5, 2018
  • 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Karachi
  • +92-335-0327788

Winning Decisions is not a training tool – it’s a learning tool, a revolutionary concept in learning transfer. It is a unique methodology to teach the fundamentals of strategic planning in marketing, production, product development and financing. It combines the complexity of a case study with the hands-on involvement and participation of a game. Winning Decisions is based on the concept that people learn by doing and can make sense of the most complex information if they have the luxury to apply it in various situations. There is one problem – organizations cannot afford either the time nor the expense of mistakes which are a natural outcome of this trial to mastery period. That’s where Winning Decisions becomes an invaluable resource for the organization. Participants grapple with strategic decisions at every turn using in-depth analytical tools and can see the results of these decisions immediately.

Program Outcome
  • Develops long-term strategic thinking
  • Helps participants get a complete business overview of the key functions of a manufacturing organization and see the ‘big picture’
  • Learn to implement strategies in a way that yields maximum results
  • Builds basic financial capabilities across the board
  • Participants enhance their decision-making skills as they experience the effect of their decisions in real time and analyze its impact throughout the organization
  • Participants develop a thorough understanding of the concept of Value Chain and how each function can impact the increase or decrease in profitability of the company
our speakers

Sualeha Bhatti

Sualeha Bhatti is one of Pakistan’s leading names in the field of training and development. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from UK and has the had the privilege of interacting with and learning from some of the best-known names in this field such as Tom Peters, Robert Holding, Robert Bennings, Ron Kaufman, Omar Khan etc. Over 2 decades of experience in corporate change and creating transformational learning experiences has exposed her to a multitude of businesses and organizations both in Pakistan as well as abroad. She has worked in a number of industries before venturing in the field of training and consultancy. Her practical experience ranges from trading companies to manufacturing and from hospitality to pharmaceutical industries. It is this experience that enables her to bring into her assignments a versatile knowledge of processes applied in different industries and helps her clients arrive at informed decisions.

2018-10-3 9:00 am 2018-10-5 5:00 pm Europe/London Winning Decisions A Unique Value Chain Simulation Especially for Production Environment Companies Karachi
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