The Embracing Leader

  • October 18, 2018
  • 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Karachi Marriott Hotel
  • +92-335-0327788

Thought-provoking, unconventional, stimulating and inspirational, this program teaches you how to tap into your leadership capabilities and potential and provides practical tools and insights for its full realization. Drawing on interdisciplinary fields including neuroscience, behavioral science and the arts, along with Sohail’s very own distinctive approach to leadership development, this workshop offers deep insights into group dynamics, perception, agility, creativity and innovation, leadership responsibilities, vision, engagement and achievement. You’ll come out with a clearly articulated vision of your role as a leader along with practical ideas and tools for achieving excellence within your organization while inspiring others to do so as well.

Program Outcome
  • Understand the significant on-the-job performance differences between “regular” and “embracing” leaders
  • Learn the keys to your leadership identity: authenticity, intentionality and awareness
  • Increase consciousness and mindfulness as an individual
  • Learn about the leadership construct that differentiate embracing leaders
  • Discover why enhancing existing leadership strengths is the most successful way to become an embracing leader
  • Live with inspiration, fun and contagious energies
  • Use unique leadership cross-training approach to construct a customized Individual Leadership Development Plan
  • Understand how to leverage well-being to maximize leadership effectiveness and impact
our speakers

Sohail Zindani

For more than a decade now, Sohail is leading a movement to transform the way we develop people. His strengths-based approach is thoroughly embedded in all the learning solutions he offers. He believes in uniqueness of human potential and advocates it with his unmatched enthusiasm and pragmatic approach. Sohail Zindani is a student and teacher of leadership & talent development.

2018-10-18 9:00 am 2018-10-18 5:00 pm Europe/London The Embracing Leader The Embracing Leader Workshop presents a powerful, pragmatic and proven framework for helping individuals make a profound difference in their organization’s results, team’s performance and in their own performance and development. Karachi Marriott Hotel
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