Breakthrough Performance

Learning Minds is excited to offer this transformational half-day seminar. Designed to cater the fast-paced work schedule and desire to learn, this dynamic session will help you identify and overcome 12 of the most common performance challenges often found in workplace behaviour. You’ll learn a seven-step method to get rid of troubling habits or adjust habits you want to change. You’ll apply a variety of methods to gain feedback and practice Feedforward - a simple yet powerful process that turns feedback into productive action.


  • Recognize why you may need to change the way you approach things to accelerate your success
  • Learn 12 habits that often hold leaders back from attaining the success and satisfaction they want
  • Assess the use of the 12 habits in your personal leadership style
  • Understand the greater importance of interpersonal skills in high performance
  • Use the Feedforward© process to get objective feedback from fellow seminar attendees guided by our expert facilitator
  • Create a developmental action plan that involves your peers and includes a plan for ongoing follow-up