We believe that company’s values are a critical component to creating and sustaining a high-performance culture. Our values represent the core beliefs that we collectively stand for. They drive our behaviors and decisions.
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Learning Minds

About us

Since 2007, Learning Minds is in the business of promoting learning and supporting successful development of organizations by delivering corporate training programs and solutions to its clients. We truly understand how important these training programs are to your overall success and that is why Learning Minds trainers, consultants & facilitators deliver best in class training and consulting solution.

We have a razor-sharp focus on helping our clients and partners meet their learning and organizational goals and we’re proud to have worked with some of the world’s most prominent organizations – including PSO, Engro, UEP and Ufone among many others – as well as non-profit organizations like Marie Stopes Society.


Roster of over 100 expert facilitators and consultants


Over 1,500 instructor-led courses under our belt


Facilitated over 2,00,000 learners since 2007

Our core values

We Are Client-Centric and Make a Difference in Our Client’s Business.

This means making a measurable impact on our client’s business and ensuring clients succeed professionally.

We Do Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously.

This means being open-minded, informal and easygoing, being playful and fun-loving.

We Focus On the “Can Do.”

This means being resourceful, taking the initiative, exploring possibilities and being tenacious.

We Are Accountable and Take Responsibility.

This means we do what we say we will do, we clarify and manage expectations as soon as possible and, whenever possible, we clean up our own messes.

We Strive to Build Something Special Together.

This means we are co-owners of the company, not renters, with a deep sense of pride in what we are building, we go above and beyond, and we believe that when the company succeeds, we all succeed; and when the company sacrifices, we all sacrifice.